Hello, thanks for stopping by. My name is Kate and my hope is the words, photos and community on Let’s Really Live will inspire you to live bolder. Maybe you’ll see today through a more positive light, try a new recipe, book a trip, rock a statement piece or reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about. Every day is a gift and we choose how to live it. Together, Let’s Really Live. Please share your stories, photos and questions here, on Twitter or on Instagram using #LetsReallyLive. Living starts with connection. 

The story Behind Let's Really Live 

I’ve always been fascinated by the magic that happens in a kitchen. The way a table filled with food can bring strangers, family and friends together. How flavors combine, dough rises, cauliflower doubles as rice and there’s always room for dessert. I started in the kitchen young and wrote my first cookbook before age 10. It was filled with decadent recipes for things like peanut butter and jelly.

As I grew older and started to travel, I learned how geography impacts ingredients, the importance of spice, and that food in any culture creates bonds. I started buying every cookbook I could find, especially from new cities I visited. I read every cookbook from cover to cover, absorbing every word.

Several years ago my Grandma Miller found a box of my Grandpa Miller’s books. He passed away from a brain tumor before I was born, but I’ve always been told we are a lot alike. In the bottom of the box was an old college notebook with random notes, recipes and words scribbled in it. On the last page he wrote, Let’s Really Live.

When I saw these words, it struck me. That’s how I wanted to live every day. I wanted to really live, just like my grandfather did. And now, here we are.   

About Me: 

I graduated with degrees in Communications and Spanish, and immediately started working in the advertising/public relations agency world. I’ve worked in Minneapolis and New York City, and currently work remote as a Social Media Director for a healthcare communications agency. Every day I get to tell people’s stories, connect communities and spread positivity online.

In early-2016, I got certified to teach yoga and it changed my life. I currently get to my mat any chance I get and enjoy teaching all levels of yogis. I’ve finished several marathons but most importantly, have had the opportunity to inspire many first-time runners to complete a race. Travel is a big part of who I am. My experiences around the world have shaped who I am in so many ways. I am forever grateful for each opportunity to visit somewhere new. I enjoy weight lifting, sunshine, fashion, reading, cooking, nutrition and good conversations. My faith is strong. God is love.