Why The Uneventful Days Are Worth Celebrating

Photo by  Tim Trad  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash


My flight got rescheduled and I’m currently in-flight to London. I told my dad I didn’t have much to write about because today was peaceful, uneventful. He told me, “that is something to write about.” And he’s right. We often focus on the highs and lows of life, but what about when life is steady. What about the every day? The people we meet, the food we eat, the conversations we have, the blessings we live, the breaths we take. These are all things to write about even if they aren’t seemingly a major event. The little things are what make up the greatest parts of our lives. It’s easy to focus on the grand, but let’s take some time to focus on what gets us there. Let’s talk about why the uneventful days are worth celebrating.

The little, stable moments are what make up the big, grand ones.

I woke up in a house I purchased last summer and was blessed with a hot shower, clean drinking water and great health. I worked several hours for a business that I built, on clients I love. Because of these clients, I have the opportunity to do things like buy a house and travel to Europe. If you don’t love your job, consider all the things you do each day because of that coin. It changes things quickly. Live with gratitude.

In my Uber ride to the airport I learned about Senegal and foods, religions and people that make up its culture. I had a great conversation with my driver about the differences in how the media portrays Africa verse what it really is. I have never been to Africa (going in October!) but I can say firsthand this is the same thing in Haiti. More on that in another post. I listened as my driver beam with pride about raising three strong boys who are now in college. His every day efforts resulted in a better life for his whole family. This is true for all of us. The daily decisions and actions we take can and will make up our greatest accomplishments.

I arrived at the airport early, which never happens. I took the time to enjoy a meal at French Meadows Café and met an amazing server who shared she was the only one who made it to work on time because of the snow. She had been hard at work doing the job of three people since 4:30 AM. She was filled with humor, gratitude and excellent service. Her small actions impacted my entire day. I walked away feeling so much joy for people who live life with a smile. She also shared a tip – if you want to bring a full size drink or protein shake through security, freeze it and it will be cleared.

I boarded my flight and sat next to a man who told me about a book he’s reading called “Seven Years in Tibet.” We shared stories about travel and our desires to travel to Tibet. I finished some work and spent time relaxing and watching a movie undistracted for the first time in months. In Boston I ate dinner next to two amazing woman at the bar. One was traveling to Amsterdam to see her mom and the other was returning to Austin from a long business trip. We shared stories, travel tips and laughter, then went on our way.

Now here I am. My flight is nearly empty and I have an entire row to myself. I just finished watching another movie, caught up on texts and am about to take out my entire sleep kit for a solid night of rest. When I wake up, I’ll be in London. I have no idea how to get from the airport to my Airbnb or what the day will bring, but I am sure it will be great. If it’s filled with highs and lows, or if it’s another steady day, I know that each of these moments are what make up this beautiful, amazing life.

Without the clients, the Uber driver, the security line at the airport, I wouldn’t be on a flight to Europe. Without the hours, meetings, connections and tenacity, a company would never be started. Without commitment, pain, sacrifice, training, the championship is never won. We hear a lot about the big moments, but let’s celebrate the small.

In my yoga classes, I remind my students to focus on their breath and bodies. To show gratitude for the strength and consistency of both. Take time today to show appreciation for the every day things. Notice the sun and how it feels on your skin. Feel the wind as it moves through your hair. Take time to talk to the person next to you in line. Say thank you to your colleagues. Turn the music up and laugh out loud on your commute. These little moments matter more than we realize.

In fact, as I reread this checking for spelling errors, I’m realizing it’s even bigger than this. My self-proclaimed small things could be another person’s blessing. To someone in Haiti, a country that rarely has running water, just being able to take a shower is a blessing. For many people, being able to travel, put three healthy meals on the table, and pay for an Uber is a blessing. For some, breathing and walking is a blessing. Maybe it’s even more than celebrating the every day moments. Maybe it’s having a mindset of limitless gratitude. Realizing that love, breath, food and water, are actually the greatest gifts of our lives. These are the big moments. The rest is just a nice to have.

What are you grateful for? 

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