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Yoga Group Sessions

Are you organizing an event or retreat and need a yoga teacher? Maybe you're ready to bring yoga into the workplace or you have a group of people who want to experience the benefits of yoga together. Are you a coach or athlete and want to bring your game to the next level? Teaching yoga has been one of the greatest gifts I've received and I hope to share it with your group. We can set up one-off classes or put together a package of ongoing classes. Yoga can benefit everyone in different ways and I'm happy to discuss the best way to incorporate it into your group setting. 


Classes are 60 minutes and set to music. Packages and pricing coming soon. 


Yoga private Sessions

If yoga in a public setting isn't for you or just doesn't work with your schedule, I can bring yoga to you. Through private yoga sessions, we can establish goals, postures and intentions that fit into your lifestyle. With one-on-one instruction, each class will be specifically designed for you, including music. Sessions can be purchased as one-off or packages. 


Classes are 30 or 60 minutes and set to music (can be silent if you wish). Packages and pricing coming soon. 


Social media consulting 

I have almost ten years of experience building social media strategies, content (images and copy) and execution for local, national and international brands. I enjoy being able to to tell a company's story online and connect them to the right communities with valuable content. My partnerships vary based on your company's business, goals and resources.

Services include: social media strategy, paid social media strategy, content strategy, content creation (images and copy), blog writing, community management, platform launches, influencer outreach, social media consulting/trainings and online audits. Visit Kate Rae Digital for full services and case studies.

 Partnerships can be project based, month-to-month or retainer. Prices vary, please contact me for more information.   


Travel and life Coaching 

Do you have a bucket list you want to start checking of? Are you ready to start your own business? Are you feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you? Is it time to make an important decision but you need support getting there? Do you want to travel solo but aren’t sure where to start? The list could go on and on. If you’re ready to make change in your life, our coaching program and community support system will get you there.

Services include: meal plans and recipes, running training programs, strength training programs, travel planning/consulting, life coaching, experience planning. 

Programs are custom made for each client. Packages and pricing coming soon. 

* I am currently going through a ACSM-endorsed certified Wellcoach® health and wellness training.


Brand Partnerships

If you have a brand or product that embodies the Let's Really Live lifestyle, let's connect about how we can partner together.